Why You Should Consider Raised Bed Gardening

If you are a passionate gardener, or a new gardener, you will know the joy that comes with a flourishing garden. Whether you are planting vegetables, herbs, plants or shrubs, raised bed gardening is a very popular concept. Raised bed gardening can in fact change not just your plants lives, but yours too! It’s much easier gardening from a raised bed (easy on the back) and it’s completely rewarding.

Why raised bed gardening is the way to go?

Better Drainage

When you water the plants that are growing in raised beds, the water is easily absorbed into the lower layers of the beds. This means your soil is evenly watered and the water does not stagnate. Also, when there is heavy rain, the excess water drains away faster and does not take the top soil with it.


When you make your raised beds (and there are easy DIY vinyl raised garden beds you can make) it is pretty easy to aerate your soil. You do it the traditional way of digging up the soil, while you support either side with the solid or vinyl frame. The sides mean you can easily manage your soil, it doesn’t spill all over the place. If you don’t dig up the soil within the frames of the raised garden bed, you can pile the soil in, digging and turning as you go.

Better weed control

Having a raised garden bed doesn’t mean you won’t have any weeds, but they are much easier to control. With your raised bed, you are choosing the soil that you are putting in. Use good quality soil with good compost. Use soil that is free of weeds to start off, which means you should have few weeds growing.

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A good garden really depends on the quality of the soil. Yes, green fingers help, but if you have good quality soil you can pretty much grow anything. Having a raised garden bed means you can control the soil that goes in it. Start off with good sir and you should have better vegetables. And plants and shrubs and gorgeous looking flowers!

Look after your back

A lot of gardeners love the time they spend outdoors, the sensation of the sun on their skin, the earthy smell, the fabulous feel of earth on your fingers. But gardening can also be hard on your back. While gardening is great exercise, having raised garden beds means you don’t have to bend nearly as much and you can really look after your body. Also, you are working in a much more contained area. If you are constantly harvesting your veggies, for examples, it can be hard constantly bending over and plucking them out the ground. Raised garden beds are brilliant for the gardener who has back issues. Take a look at the DIY vinyl raised bed kits which are so easy to put together.


Not all garden beds are maintenance-free, but it you choose a raised vinyl garden bed, you’ll never have to paint again! They’re really great because the come in kits that are pre-cut and ready to assemble. Follow the instructions and within 30 minutes or less the bed is ready for soil… now you are planting! The only thing you have to look after, from now on, are your plants. Vinyl garden beds are definitely the way to go and should last you for years and years. Best of all, no painting and it always looks amazing.

more reasons to do a DIY raised gardening bed:

  • They look good.
  • They’re easy to manage.
  • Vegetables and herbs grow brilliantly in raised gardening beds.
  • You won’t hurt your back anymore.
  • Better drainage.
  • Good aeration.
  • Fewer weeds.
  • Excellent yields.
  • And you can put in good soil from the very beginning.

Get gardening. It’s the most wonderful rewarding hobby and we should all be doing it. Growing your own vegetables is fantastic and being able to puck your own flowers and put them in your own vase, divine. Try raised gardening beds and make them strong and sturdy so they last for ages.

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