Is it time for water heater replacement?

Most homeowners will let their water heater run and run, without giving any consideration to how it works. And that is okay, you don’t have to be a water heater expert.  But you do need to know a few things about your water heater so that you don’t suddenly run into a crisis.

Determine how old your water heater is

You may have inherited your water heater when you moved into your home or you perhaps bought it a long time ago and have totally forgotten when.  Note that an old water heater will become problematic.  Most water heaters can last for ten years, but they should be replaced after ten years.   And if they are giving you problems beforehand – we will list the reasons below – then you should replace your water heater earlier.

How will I know when my water heater needs replacing?

The thing about water heaters failing is they often don’t let you know they are about to give in!  They are working perfectly one moment and the next there is a huge puddle underneath them.  Or worse.  This is why you should check your water heater on a fairly regular basis.

  • If there are odd noises, kind of like rumblings, you should check your water heater.
  • If there is an excess of water around the heater, it’s probably too late but get it checked immediately.
  • If there are walls that look damp around your heater, call in a Saskatoon water heater specialist.

What will cause a water heater to give in?

We have spoken about age, and old age will certainly cause water heater failure.

  • You could have rusty pipes.
  • You could have rust inside your water heater.
  • Your water heater may have been installed incorrectly.
  • There is a leak or your water heater or pipes have a number of leaks.

If you know that your water heater is old, you really should get it checked or replaced immediately.  If you do not know the age of your water heater, ask somebody to come out and check for you. Then at least you know how often you should have your water heater serviced.  And if you are hearing the rumbles or the thumps, call a water heater repair company immediately.  You do not want to wait to have a problem with your water heater or you will not only have water everywhere, but you could have structural damage to your ceiling or your floor, and remember, the water can be piping hot.

If you find that your water is coming out discoloured, you may have rust.  The rust could be in the water heater, in which case it needs repair, but it could also be coming from your piping. You need to know where your problems are coming from, so you have the correct problem fixed.  Again, call in a specialist to have a look. You do not want to have rust in your pipes or your water heater, it can be dangerous.

If your gas or electrical bills seem higher than normal, you can also check your water heater.  It may be working extra hard, because of age or damage, and this can be costly to you.  It can be costly with your bills, but also for when your water heater actually gives in.  Rather check your water heater on a fairly regular basis.  Do it when you have concerns, but also do it before your concerns become reality.

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