How to choose a web developer

When you are developing a website you need to think about a lot of things. You need a site that looks good, you must have good content, good visuals, good technology and excellent search engine rankings. It is therefore vital that you find a good web developer; somebody who is excellent at all of those things.

What is a Web Developer?

A web developer is a person, or company, who works with all the technical details of your website. They may not be able to do the perfect content (this is when you sub hire) but they will know how to put the website together, how to make it look good, and then how to ensure you get your website out there. You can only have a good website if you market it well, so having an effective website for marketing is a huge part of the job.

Let’s look at the individual skills a web developer needs.

A website developer…

  • knows about the various websites, and how to build them.
  • can design the graphic layout, the so called ‘architecture’ of the site.
  • will work with you on the content (you know what you need.)
  • will guide you with the amount of content you need, and visuals too.
  • will handle all the graphics, upload photographs and / or videos.
  • understands coding and when coding needs to be done.
  • will link your website to various other social media platforms.
  • will test your site for usability and accessibility.

Building a website is not all technical

Once your web developer has created your website, he will talk to you about your marketing strategy, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), blogging and copy-writing. A good web developer understands the importance of good content and keywords. Your website needs to be found by your potential customers, and they are not going to find it on their own. Your website needs to be found via your high SEO and Google Rankings.

How do you choose a web developer?

Let’s say you have decided that your business needs a website. Of course it does, every business needs a website. There are website platforms you can use that are free; others cost a small sum. Your web developer will give you the options and you can make a decision which web platform you need.

Then, it is important you communicate clearly with your web designer. You need to explain to them what your business is, and the aim of your business. If they don’t get it, move on to another website developer. You are relying on them to build you the best possible website that will bring in the most amount of business. A webpage developer must understand what you are doing.

Your website should look good on mobile devices, laptops and desktop computers. A small business responsive web design is pretty standard nowadays and will impact how your website ranks on Google so it’s important to make sure they design it to be mobile-friendly.

Then, chat to your web developer about your copy and content. Maybe he does copy and content. If not, he will suggest someone else to help you. It’s important you have great writing on your site. You want people to read it. You want to draw people in.

Your website developer should then talk to you about marketing your website. If he doesn’t, move on! You can have a fabulous site, but unless it is marketed correctly, nobody will ever find it. A Saskatoon website design company will talk to you about the importance of:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & Search Ranking
  • Quality content
  • Great visuals
  • Web standards – compatibility with all web browsers & devices
  • Ease-of-use & proper navigation
  • Calls to action
  • Web marketing
  • Social media integration

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