How to hire the best local plumber

When it comes to household issues, such as plumbing, we always think it is best to go local. You want to find a plumber that is easy to contact, close by, good at what he does of course, and available in an emergency. If you don’t already have a favourite plumber, then we suggest you do a little research and then find and hold on to your plumber.

  1. Keep your plumber local. You really want somebody who is fairly close to you so that they are readily available when you need them.
  2. Ask your local plumbers how long they have been in business for. It is actually fine to use a newly qualified plumber, everyone has to start somewhere, but try and get a few references. Or at least, ask to see plumbing certificates or qualifications.
  3. Talk about the plumber’s call-out fees and hourly fees. If your plumber is coming to clear a drain, i.e. for a small plumbing problem, you don’t want to pay a hefty call out fee.
  4. Find a plumber who answers the phone. It’s great to support local but you do want your plumber to have a bit of a back up system – not just a one man show – so that you can schedule a meeting, talk about your plumbing problem or ask about costs.
  5. Check too that the services are guaranteed. You do not want to pay a small fortune to have your plumbing fixed, and then have the same issue a few days later. This is also why you want your plumber to have some support, so if he is not available then at least somebody else is.

We are big believers in supporting local. Ask your neighbours which plumber they use and if they are happy. And if you have the best plumber in town, share his number with your community. In fact, we recommend you keep a list of all the good local service people in your area. Have your favourite (and local) plumber, electrician, gardening service, handyman, washing repair man, etc, all on one list. Use them, and encourage your neighbours to use them too.

It’s important that you have a plumber who can be available quickly, especially when there is a plumbing emergency. Sometimes you just need someone to tell you to ‘switch off the taps’ or ‘turn off the water until I get there.’ When it is a plumbing emergency, and let’s face it, plumbing often is an emergency, you want to get hold of your local plumber quickly.

There are a few other things you should check with your local plumber.

  • Do you have a plumbing certificate or plumbing qualification?
  • Are you insured?
  • What are your call out fees?
  • Is there an emergency contact number?
  • Is the work guaranteed?
  • Do you have insurance?
  • How quickly can you normally get to me?

We know that plumbers are busy people, especially when they are good. But you don’t want to wait for ages for an appointment. When you need a plumber, you need a plumber and you need your plumber fast! Try and find a local plumber who really wants the work, enjoys what he does, is quick and efficient, good at what he does, and always gets back to you quickly. Put your plumber’s number in your phone, or on the fridge, or on that list of your local service-people. And build up a relationship with your plumber so you know and understand each other, and what you expect.

Keep it local. Use your community plumber. Support your neighbourhood.

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