Get Rid of Mosquitoes The Natural Way

The one thing everyone has in common is that we all hate mosquitos. That incessant buzzing, the bites, the scratches, the infections, they’re just awful. But you can get rid of mosquitos before they drive you mad.

Here are our top natural tips for getting rid of mosquitos, using screens, herbs, plants and also a Buzzkiller Mosquito Trap.

4 Ways To Repel Those Unwanted Bugs

  1. Put up window and door screens

    If you live in an area where there are tons of mosquitos – near a river or a swamp area – put screens on your doors and windows. It can be quite expensive but it’s a good investment. And then, keep them maintained because mosquitos get through those little tears pretty masterfully.

  2. Vegetable Oils

    Looking for a natural insect repellant? Mustard or coconut oil are good choices. Mustard oil is reported to be good for your skin. Apply a thin layer when you do not want to be bitten. Coconut oil could be applied in the same way. Some may choose to drink coconut water instead.

  3. Chemical Oils

    Light camphor candles or incense sticks and leave them burning around the house. It usually works and if there are mosquitos in the room, they will disappear quickly. Camphor oil is a bit like citronella – some mosquitos seem to have become immune to it.

  4. Essential oils

    Essential oils prove superior to vegetable or chemical oils in warding off mosquitos. Each oil below can be applied in unique ways. One way that applies to all of them is diffusing. A charm necklace or a diffuser bracelet is ideal if you want the smell to go with you wherever you go.

    • Citronella

      Perhaps the most famous essential oil for warding off mosquitos is citronella. You can get citronella oils and sticks, and also citronella bracelets to wear around your wrists. Bathe in citronella soap and leave citronella candles burning around the house.

    • Mint and/or Peppermint

      Plant mint or peppermint, or both, outside your house in your flower beds, but also in pots inside your house. You can also pick mint from your garden, tie a few sprigs together and leave them dotted around the house.

    • Garlic

      This is one of those old wives tales but we think it works. Take some fresh garlic, peel it and boil up a couple of cloves. Don’t use too much water. When soft, crush the garlic and then use the garlic in the water, in a spray bottle. You can spray this on your body and mosquitos will stay well away from you, although everyone may say away from you because of the smell! Or you can spray it around you, in the air, on the furnishings and near the doors and windows.

    • Other Essential Oils

      Mint, peppermint, citronella and garlic can all be purchased in essential oil form. Palmarosa and lemongrass have also been proven effective ways to ward of mosquitos.

All of the above natural ways should repel mosquitos. If you live in a large space, say a big house, it’s pretty hard to repel them completely though. And different mosquitos react to different things – some don’t like mint, but some love it! Some don’t care for citronella but some do. Mosquitos have become pretty hardy and resistant to a lot of the things that are meant to get rid of them.

Want to Kill The Mosquitos Instead?

What you can do to get rid of mosquitos once and for all is to use a mosquito trap like Buzzkiller. Buzzkiller is a smart contraption that uses 2-in-1 LED bulbs. They offer a bright LED light and a blue UV light which attracts the mosquitos. As they fly towards the contraption, they fly into an electrified metal grid and get zapped. This is very often the most effective way to get rid of not just mosquitos but all flying insects that bother you.

Hang a Buzzkiller outdoors on the patio, in the garden, or near your front door or windows. You will not have any mosquitos indoors or biting you while you sit outdoors.

Good Luck. Bzzzzz.

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