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Whether you are looking for the best website developer in Saskatoon or a web design agency in Regina, you need to be quite sure that you are going with the right people. Your website is going to be the most important aspect of your business. You are going to refer potential customers to your website, new customers are going to find your website on the internet, and you are going to conduct your business on your website.

Ask your web agency these questions, before you hire them.

How long have you been designing websites for?

It is okay to work with someone who is new in the business, as long as they are good. You might find the answer to this question is ‘ten years’ but the person may be totally out of date with the latest technology, coding and best ways of marketing a website. Ask the question and then listen to the person. They might be new, but they might have all the latest ideas and information.

What kind of websites have you designed?

Some web developers specialize in e-commerce sites, others specialize in travel sites, product pages, hotel sites. Each site is different. It is probably best if you work with a web developer who does understand your business. Or is prepared to spend time with you and learn about your business.

Can you show me a website you have designed?

Any reputable webdesign firm will be able to show you a portfolio of their past work. If you don’t like their samples, don’t hire them! Also check online reviews. Google, Facebook and other review sites are a great way to determine the best web design company in Saskatoon.

Have your websites been successful?

This is an incredibly important question. It should get your web developer talking about website marketing, SEO and Google rankings. If the web developer gets excited about SEO and getting clicks, then he is probably a good web developer. If he doesn’t know about web marketing, he may not be the person for you. A good website can only be as good as the website marketing, i.e. SEO / content / blogs / keywords / key phrases.

How long will the web developing process take?

There is not necessarily a wrong or right answer, you just have to like the answer! The turnaround time for a website is dependant on the depth and complexity of the website.

Where are you located?

Nowadays, it doesn’t really matter where the company you choose is located because everything can be done through phone, email, or Skype. It doesn’t really matter whether they’re a web designer in Saskatoon, Regina or Edmonton, as long as they communicate well through all stages of the project.

What about SEO?

You hope that a good web developer will have already covered this in almost every single answer above. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most important thing. If you are selling t-shirts, you want everyone who wants to buy a t-shirt to find YOUR t-shirts online. Search Engine comes into every single little bit of content you write, and also visuals and videos.

Then there are all the other questions like cost, revisions, web management, advertising, linking to your other social media platforms, perhaps creating your other social media platforms. A good web developer will tell you all of these things – the importance of linking your website to Instagram and Facebook – but there is no harm in asking too!

Remember, it’s important that your website is more than just pretty pictures and some nice words. A website is a big investment and should generate income. Here’s a great article about having an effective website for marketing.

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