Choosing an Ready-to-move (RTM) Home Builder

Ready To Move homes are houses that are built on a site, then moved to the homeowners site when ready. An RTM home is a great option for having a new home built where there aren’t trades to complete it. It makes having a new home at the lake or a remote village a possibility.

When your RTM house arrives on your property, there is very little for you to do, other than build the foundations, put in the electrical, heating and plumbing, furnish and decorate it.  With so many RTM Home Builders to choose from, you need to make sure that you choose a RTM Home Builder that is reputable.

So how do you choose the best RTM Home Builder?

Choose an RTM Home Builder based on their homes and their reputation–a builder who builds the kind of home you want – whether it’s a bungalow, bilevel, cabin or cottage.  Perhaps you want it to be custom designed with a layout that fits exactly what you are looking for.  You definitely want a builder that has a good reputation, good references and has been in business for a while.

Find a RTM Home Builder that explains the details

A good Saskatoon Home Builder will communicate with you.  They will tell you about their homes but also talk to you about a custom designed home. Most importantly, they will explain the building process – foundation, electrical, plumbing and heating.  They will talk to you about all these extra things and make it as easy as possible for you.

Upfront & honest pricing

When you buy an RTM Home, you want a builder who will be honest from the first day about the extras.  You are paying for a Ready To Move house, but you are also going to pay for delivery, the foundation, and all the extra services such as electrical, plumbing, water, heating, etc.  A good RTM Home Builder won’t hide any costs from you.

They will offer a Warranty

If you are buying a house, even if it is a RTM house, you need to be assured of top quality service, top quality building and of course, a warranty.  You need to be sure that you are covered for structural, material and workmanship.

They will guarantee the structure of the home

Your home is going to be delivered to you and may travel for a long time to reach you.  On the way, there can be some minor cracks.  You need to know to expect these, but also that a good RTM Home Builder will repair them once the house is in place.  Any repairs should only be cosmetic; the house should be strong and stable on arrival.  If there are any big issues, a Saskatchewan RTM Home Builder will carry all the insurances.

Work to be completed once the RTM is moved:

  • Put in basement stairs
  • Put in all the electrical
  • Install a heating system
  • Finish the plumbing
  • Install septic and water services

What are the advantages of a RTM House?

There is so much less stress when you buy an RTM.  For a start, you hand the entire process over to a building professional who does it daily!  They supervise the construction and the quality control.  They are on site, all the time.

It’s quicker building an RTM Home.  They have house plans in advance and have good experience with custom made plans.  You will find out the length of time it is going to take in advance so you know what your waiting period will be.

It’s convenient.  You can worry about other things while you let somebody else worry about your home!

Do your research before you sign up with an RTM Home Builder. Get references and ask to see their documentation and certificates.  Go over some affordable house plans or have a custom plan designed and then – leave the building to them!

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